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Waterproofing Services Christchurch

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As Sealing Technology Application and Installation Specialists, we focus on optimal Waterproofing and Fire Safety.

We can offer this guarantee because of our product suppliers robust testing regime. These tests simulate all conditions entirely in practice, whether this concerns deterioration due to saltwater, extreme weather conditions of all climates or four hours during fire testing, the systems that we provide can withstand the most severe conditions.

It is exactly this approach that ensures the preservation of people within their homes and businesses that are exposed to natural forces, such as fire and water, which makes our world safer under all conditions.

Our Services

A Nationwide Sealing Application and Installation service business that specialises in all technical aspects of Waterproofing and Fire Protection services to all types of Residential and Commercial Building Structures, also including Marine Vessels.

  • Problem Solving Waterproofing / Fire Protection Specialists for all Exterior / Interior requirements. 
  • Fabrication / Fitout and Finishing Services included.
  • Public Liability Insurance Cover.
  • PS3 supplied to verified repair work completed.
  • Tailored Guarantee supplied for each Waterproofing / Fire Protection project on completion.
  • Licensed Building Practitioners – Roof and Deck Membranes.
  • Qualified Advanced Applicators – Fire Protection Installations