Fire Protection

Fire Protection

We are Certified Passive Fire Protection Installation specialists for Beele Passive Building and Marine Fire Protection products.

Most of our passive fire protection work has been implemented within new commercial buildings around the Canterbury region, specifically cool store operations.

A typical installation scenario will be of an internal building firewall that separate and protect the inner complex MCC (Motor Control Centre) cell from “next room” large refrigeration working environments or the likes, that require ducting or service power supply cable trays to pass through formed firewall service penetrations. Once the ducting and service power supplies have been installed or placed during the construction process, the open space surroundings of any service penetration voids are required to have a certified FRR (Fire Rating) protection system installed to protect each opposing room/cell completely from fire or smoke of upto 4 hours.

Fire barriers and separations perform a very important function in the overall fire safety of a building. In the event of a fire, care needs to be taken in the design, specification, attention to documentation and installation of these systems. The design of the fire barriers must also be suitable for the type, number and size of products selected, along with the overall size of the penetration, substrate being penetrated and orientation of it.

Fire Protection

In Australia and New Zealand, fire-resistant systems are required to be tested in accordance with AS 1530.4: Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures – Fire-resistance test of elements of construction. 

Ensuring the ultimate in passive fire protection in working environments is not a simple issue. Beele Engineering sealing systems provide the utmost in passive fire protection around the world. Our supplier sealing systems offer the optimum in fire safety and water tightness during the lifetime of a building or marine vessel, having earned the status of the undisputed world leader as the most trusted and reliable products in this particular field. Beele engineering systems are designed for sealing many types of penetration products, multiple situations and variety of construction offering many options for the design team and flexibility to us - as the installer onsite. As many building projects are quite dynamic and ever changing, our Beele range has multiple optimum systems to ensure the safety and integrity of the penetration seal. All products are manufactured in the most modern facilities under a high quality ISO 9001 system and under strict control of their management. All products and systems have undergone testing under the harshest conditions.

Passive Fire Protection Systems for: Multi-story Offices and Apartments, Shopping Malls and Stadiums, Manufacturing and Processing Industries, Tunnels and Civil Utilities and the Marine Industry.