Waterproofing Fabrication Repairs

A big part of our water tightness services is the waterproofing of the fabrication repair type. Primarily focusing on existing residential or commercial building waterproofing issues that are found on all roof types, within external / internal structures - through to ground floor and basements. 

These services also include all aspects of the refurbish finishing process once the repairs have been made: exterior, interior fabrication and fitout, plaster repair and all paint finishes.

With a background of many developed renovation and refurbishing talents, we have created a unique set of niche skills to offer you as the building owner within the industry. Many style and types of buildings fall under the much renown "leaky building syndrome.” Past design and construction issues have resulted in many varied types of external / internal waterproofing penetration problems. 

We are focussed on helping you as the owner experiencing these types of waterproofing issues because of our "4 seasons in one day" weather type patterns here in New Zealand. 

With “a problem is never a problem unless we cannot fix it” attitude, we can offer you a complete site survey that will include a full “scope of repair works estimate / quote from start to finish” for your home or commercial waterproofing requirements.

Completed Projects

Residential Foundation Rebuild

Residential Foundation Rebuild - Rebuild and seal existing foundation.

Port Hills Residential Home foundation was scoured out by underground water tracking into different areas after the result of the 2011 earthquakes.

Below floor void was pump re-filled with foundation grade concrete, existing below ground walls and foundation edges waterproofed with a liquid membrane, new insulation & cover sheet installed/applied, then soil refilled to complete.

Tiled Balcony Rebuild:

Balcony floor earthquake damaged and drainage levels required to be reset.

Existing floor water-blasted, cracks repaired, floor surface relevelled, complete waterproofing membrane applied then floor retiled to complete. 

Slate tile roof with internal guttering:

Slate tile roof with internal guttering

From when this substantial home was built, the internal guttering levels were set incorrectly of which caused not enough fall for rainwater to flow away in a heavy rain storm situation.

This in effect caused the rainwater to dissipate back under slate tiles into the internal roof cavity.

For the first 3 years after the house construction had been completed, the very durable roof lining paper that was installed, managed to hold the rainwater out, however, as photo(s) shows the deteriorated roof lining paper finally perished. Rainwater then entered into the internal roof cavity and onto internal ceiling Gib liner, then penetrating through into the below bedroom. After initial investigations, we found the source of the problem, removing slate tiles, installing galvanised sheeting to roof joist, laid existing butynol liner over top, sealed, re-installed slate roof tiling.